We are passionate in helping companies grow their businesses, keep up with current regulations, protect consumers, and improve their food safety programs.

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As a woman-owned, small, American company we take pride in being able to compete against the large, uninspiring, multi-million dollar global food audit companies for the past 70+ years. We are obsessed with customer service and food operations! From small to large operations and their growing needs, our success depends solely on the successes of our customers. 

ASI was launched as a request from the food industry, FOR the food industry. After working successfully with food companies in the pest control area since the 1940’s, the food companies asked management to help them protect the public by providing an objective (3rd party) review of the food safety practices at their facilities. We helped those same facilities identify food safety gaps and train their staff in proper food safety practices. This naturally created the five most important qualities our culture thrives on and this is why people choose ASI:


Accuracy – To provide the best and most accurate information possible.
Integrity – To honor our word, implied or given, on time.
Protection – To protect our clients’ brand and image as if it was our own.
Development – To continuously improve to meet our client’s demands.
Customer Service – To devote all of our resources to providing exceptional customer service.

From the hard working hands of those that grow, nourish and prepare our food to the stomachs and hearts it warms, ASI is proud of the 70+ years of food safety practices that help the world be confident knowing every meal is another step forward in humanity.

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