Show Me Food Safety

Show Me Food Safety is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making the food supply chain safer by promoting food safety best practices and rewarding those devoted to food safety.

Making the Food Supply Safer

Show Me Food Safety uses its resources to work with small farmers and manufacturers to help improve their food safety practices. This small supplier program not only helps small local businesses get onto the shelves of the local grocery stores, but also improves the overall food safety of the supply chain. Additionally, Show Me Food Safety also develops educational outreach programs to help increase awareness of food safety best practices to local communities.

Rewarding Dedicated Food Safety Individuals

Show Me Food Safety has two major ways to give back to those who are dedicated to food safety and making the food supply safer. The first is through the Show Me Food Safety Scholarship program for students enrolled in food science, food safety or related field. The second is through the Show Me Food Safety Leadership Award. This award is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated their passion for food safety through their work in the industry

International HACCP Alliance

The International HACCP Alliance was developed on March 25, 1994, to provide a uniform program to assure safer meat and poultry products. It is housed within the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University.

National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association

NFRA is uniquely positioned as an all-industry trade association, representing the interests of every segment of the Frozen and Refrigerated Foods industry, including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Sales Agents
  • Retailers/Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Logistics Providers
  • Suppliers

IARW (Global Cold Chain Alliance)

IARW is the third-party temperature-controlled warehousing industry’s association.


IARW will build, strengthen and represent the global temperature-controlled third party warehousing and logistics industry.


IARW promotes excellence in the global temperature-controlled warehouse and logistics industry.


(ASI's Accreditation Body)

As the voice of the U.S. standards and conformity assessment system, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment.

The Institute oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector: from acoustical devices to construction equipment, from dairy and livestock production to energy distribution, and many more. ANSI is also actively engaged in accreditation – assessing the competence of organizations determining conformance to standards.


To enhance both the global competitiveness of U.S. business and the U.S. quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems, and safeguarding their integrity.

(GFSI Certified Program Owner)


Our Mission is to deliver consistent, globally recognized food safety and quality certification programs based on sound scientific principles, consistently applied across all industry sectors, and valued by all stakeholders.

(ASI's Software Solution)

RizePoint is the software company you come to when you’re ready to step up your quality ops and better protect your brand. We’re a 20-year-old company with a head for business and the soul of a spring chicken. Our history means we have a deep understanding of the challenges quality people face; our recent company refresh means we have the energy and creativity to find the solutions you need. No more spreadsheets, hours of data entry, panicked report creation, or worry that you’re missing something.

We know you need data to make more informed business decisions. That’s where RizePoint quality management software comes in. RizePoint, formerly Steton Technology Group, offers the tools you need to manage quality within your company and supply chain. Close the gaps in your data visibility with RizePoint Mobile Auditor and Management Console. Gather data better with our mobile app, see problems earlier, analyze information for trends with built-in business intelligence, and make quick, automated corrections. We hate to brag, but with a product this good, it would be a shame if you didn’t check us out.


Representing nearly 2,000 member-businesses and tens-of-thousands of cannabis professionals, NCIA is leading the charge to protect legal cannabis businesses, defend our state laws, and advance federal policy reforms. Successful businesses are joining NCIA every day to become stronger, smarter, and more prosperous by working together to defend and expand the responsible cannabis industry.

(National Industrial Hemp Council)

The National Industrial Hemp Council provides high quality networking and resources for its members, from the farm to consumer. Our leadership is composed of leading international, federal, state, private industry, and government professionals throughout the sector. Our goals are to further market development, assist members in entering the industry, and educate the consumer on industrial hemp and its applications. Educating consumers is of paramount importance for NIHC. Customers are the bedrock of this revolution and consumers have the right to be safe. This means truth-in-labeling in this rapidly growing industry. There are a lot of confusing and contradicting claims and assertions. Farmers, manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions, suppliers, transporters, and consumers have the right to fact-based information. NIHC is cutting through the noise with its team and partners to provide its members and the public with this important information.

Florida Hemp Council Member

The Florida Hemp Council

ASI is happy to announce that we have joined the Florida Hemp Council. After researching various groups within the Hemp space, we believe that the Florida Hemp Council aligns with ASI’s goals more than other groups.

The Mission of the Florida Hemp Council (FLHC) is to create a thriving ecosystem aimed at catapulting the Florida hemp industry to the forefront as leaders in hemp and hemp product production. We will represent all channels of the state’s economic engine, from farmers to retailers, and everyone in-between and help everyone stay connected to each other.


Through this partnership, we will ensure that the hemp process in Florida is safe, including but not limited to the growing and manufacturing processes.