ASI offers a variety of food safety and quality audits. Our 3rd party audits help your company achieve your desired goals, attain regulatory compliance and meet customer demands.

  • Foreign and Domestic Supplier Verification Audits
  • HACCP Reassessments
  • Kitchen Audits
  • Customized Audits

Customized Audits

ASI can perform customized 2nd party food safety and quality audits for your site’s Co-packer/Co-Manufacturer, Suppliers, 3rd Party Warehouses or Vendors. ASI can monitor your partners throughout the supply chain to ensure adherence to your contractual agreements, food safety and quality best practices, and regulatory requirements.

ASI will work with your team to develop an audit form that meets your company’s needs and train our qualified auditors to that auditing standard to help your company protect your brand and reputation.