As a leading industry provider of education and training services, ASI understands your need for cost-efficient online training that can be completed at your own pace. Through our various online trainings, our industry experts can help you achieve your food safety training goals. Below are all the courses we currently offer online at your own pace.

Principles of Internal Auditing

$ 199 One-Time Course Fee
  • This training course will explain the fundamentals of internal auditing for food growers, manufacturers, packagers and distributors. Learners will learn the audit process from start to finish and be able to plan your audit, conduct your audit, document your findings, hold your opening and closing meetings.
  • This course will meet any internal auditor training requirements for GFSI certification standards and other standards. This course is self-paced but includes timed exercises throughout and a timed assessment at the end.

Advanced HACCP
(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

$ 399 One-Time Course Fee
  • This training course is a must-have for your entire HACCP team. Participants will learn what HACCP is and go through all 12 steps of developing and implementing a HACCP Plan.
  • Our Advanced HACCP course was designed by our certified instructors and accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. This course will meet any HACCP training requirements for GFSI certification standards and other standards.

Overview of Food Safety, cGMP's, and HACCP

$ 49 One-Time Course Fee
  • This course covers an introduction to food safety, a brief overview of cGMPS and HACCP. This is the perfect training for new employees at your food facility or to be used for annual refresher training.

All training services are offered through ASI Training & Consulting, LLC. All activity is conducted separately from our Certification Body, ASI Food Safety, LLC, in order to safeguard against any conflicts of interests.