We celebrate America’s number one cookie each year on its very special day on March 6 with National Oreo Cookie Day. At National Today, we love a good cookie. And good cookies stem from the classics.  In fact, one of our absolute favorites is a timeless classic: the Oreo. With crisp chocolate cookies and creamy filling, these little cookies have captured our hearts and our stomachs. The Oreo was first introduced in 1912 and it has been the best-selling cookie in America ever since. We love to dunk them, twist them, and straight up take a bite. Here’s to the delicious Oreo!


Invented in 1912, the late Sam J. Porcello, a former Nabisco food scientist, the Oreo cookie has been a creamy favorite snack for decades. This cookie creation is without a doubt one of his most notable achievements in his 34 years at Nabisco. And frankly, we believe that life has been sweeter ever since, since we at National Today just cannot get enough! The Oreo cookie is nearly 108 years old, and is enjoyed by cookie lovers of all ages across the globe.

Let’s face it: classic never goes out of style. And, at over 100 years old Oreo cookies are available in various colors, sizes, flavors. There are more inventing flavors coming every year. There are double stuffed, thins, mini, Neapolitan, and the aptly named Mega Stuf. We can even savor the flavor in an Oreo cake! Dunk them in milk, have them after a meal or a snack, share them with friends or covet them for yourself. However we want them, we can have them, as there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the beloved Oreo!



Oreo cookies turn 100!

The limited edition, and now permanent flavor, Birthday Cake cookie was released to celebrate the centennial milestone.


Oreo cookies were first introduced as kosher.

This means even more cookie lovers–those with food restrictions–could enjoy this classic cookie snack!


Lemon meringue gets the boot.

With the original cream flavor being far more popular, the lemon meringue flavor was discontinued by Nabisco.


Oreos Hit the Market

The Oreo cookie was first sold to a grocer in Hoboken, New Jersey. When released, Oreo cookies were released in two flavors, the original cream and lemon meringue.



How many Oreo cookies have been sold worldwide to date?

As of 2019, more than an astonishing over 450 billion cookies have been sold worldwide.

Why are they called Oreo cookies?

This is still a mystery. No one truly knows from where the name “Oreo” originated.

What was the cookie-to-cream ratio of the original Oreo cookie?

Our favorite cookie has evolved quite a bit overtime, however the original cookie-to-cream ratio was 71 percent to 29 percent.


  1. Have an Oreo Tasting

    Invite your friends over to eat Oreos! Track down as many varieties of these tasty cookies that you can, and have a tasting of Oreo flavors. Cool Mint? Golden? Birthday Cake? Original?  Do minis taste different than regular? Ask the hard questions, and enjoy!

  2. Throw an Oreo Dessert Party

    Throw a desserts-only dinner party where everyone has to bring a homemade dessert with Oreos! Pie with Oreo crust, ice cream with Oreo mix-ins, cake with Oreos incorporated in the batter. Get creative! And enjoy the versatility of this cookie.

  3. Keep it simple and eat some Oreos

    Kick it old school on National Oreo Cookie Day and simply eat some of these classic cookies. Buy a pack on your way home from school or bring a package into the office for everyone to enjoy. Whether you keep them all to yourself or share the love, you’ll feel great after eating this delicious cookie.

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