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SQF Pre-Assessment:

ASI offers an SQF Pre-Assessment for those companies looking to assess their SQF program prior to their initial audit. A certified SQF auditor will visit your facility to perform a full audit, but without the requirements for corrective actions and audit scores. The SQF Pre-Assessment is the best way to gauge how prepared your SQF program is for your initial audit.

SQF Desk Audit:

The SQF desk audit is the first step on your way to SQF certification. When a company has determined they are ready to have an SQF audit, a certified SQF auditor will perform a full document review of their entire SQF program. The desk audit can be perform on or off-site and the corrective actions are required to be completed prior to the initial SQF facility audit. ASI has an SQF auditing team to meet the needs of any company looking to apply for their SQF certificate.

cGMP Dietary Supplements:

ASI offers a cGMP Dietary Supplements audit based on 21 CFR Part 111 – cGMP Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements. The ASI dietary supplements audit utilizes the code of federal regulations to evaluate the compliance of manufacturing operations, quality systems and documented procedures to ensure all risks are mitigated and controlled. Benefits of this audit are improvement to product safety, quality, consistency, meeting regulatory compliance and eliminating potential risks and recalls.

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