The GFSI Global Market Programme provides an unaccredited entry point for Manufacturing and Primary production companies with its step-by-step program designed to increase small supplier’s food safety systems, and implement a course of continuous improvement. ASI understands that small suppliers may have limited resources and may not be able to achieve full “GFSI certification”. This is why ASI offers both Basic and Intermediate level GFSI Global Market Audits to meet your site’s needs.

Small Suppliers supplying to Walmart and Sam’s Club are subject to Walmart’s Supplier Requirements. ASI is an approved audit provider for Walmart and Sam’s Club.

GFSI Global Market Programme Aim

Develop effective food safety management systems through a systematic continuous improvement process.

GFSI Global Market Programme Objectives

  • Provide a route for small and less developed businesses to achieve accredited certification
  • Support capacity building efforts and improve market access opportunities.