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GFSI Global Markets Audits:

The GFSI Global Markets Program sets out how companies who lack or have undeveloped food safety systems can meet the challenge of food safety, while simultaneously reducing hazards in global food supply chains and working towards market access through certification to a GFSI-recognized certification program. The assessment is based on food safety systems, good manufacturing or agricultural practices and control of food hazards.


The Basic GFSI Global Market Audit is the lowest level audit in the GFSI Global Markets Programme and is intended for those companies at the earliest stages of their food safety program. This audit does not include key components of food safety programs such as HACCP, food defense and supplier approval.


The Intermediate GFSI Global Market Audit contains all components of the Basic level as well as sections for HACCP, food defense, supplier approval and more. Companies who receive the Intermediate level audit are ready to receive a GFSI-recognized certification.


SQF Manual Set-Up:

For those companies interested in SQF certification but without the knowledge and resources to start their own SQF program, ASI Consulting offers a full SQF manual development specific to that facility. Companies have the option of an ASI consultant visiting their site to learn the processes and organizational structure or communicating with a consultant off-site to give them all the details necessary to complete the SQF manual. The finished SQF manual from ASI Consulting is a key component to achieving SQF certification and will contribute to the short and long term success of a companies food safety program.

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