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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a preventive food safety strategy that is a systematic approach to the identification and assessment of the risk of hazards from a particular food or food production process or practice and the control of those hazards that are reasonably likely to occur. HACCP systems have been mandated by U.S. Federal regulations issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for seafood and juice and by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) for meat and poultry.

The preventive controls approach to controlling hazards used in a Food Safety Plan incorporates the use of risk-based HACCP principles in its development. Although a Food Safety Plan and a HACCP plan are similar, they are not identical. See below comparison chart.

Verification – The application of methods, procedures, tests and other evaluations, in addition to monitoring, to determine whether a control measure or combination of control measures is or has been operating as intended and to establish the validity of the food safety plan.

Are we doing what we say we’re doing?

Validation – Obtaining and evaluating scientific and technical evidence that a control measure, combination of control measures, or the food safety plan as a whole, when properly implemented is capable of effectively controlling the identified hazards.

Is what we are doing going to work?

Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Fish, Shellfish, Soybean, and Wheat.

All customers should notify ASI in writing at

All SQF Customers should notify ASI and SQFI in writing at and

You can cancel or change your audit date at any time by contacting the scheduling department. Cancelling or moving the audit date within 14 business days will result in a $400 fee, plus any travel fees that have already been arranged. If the audit is aborted the day of the audit, you will be charged full price.

Please call ASI at 800-477-0778 or email to schedule your audit.

An invoice will be sent after the review and billing process is complete. This process typically takes between 3-5 business days.

There are multiple ways to pay your invoice.

  • On the ASI Website (e-check or credit card)
  • Mailing a check to PO BOX 419161 St. Louis, MO 63141
  • Call 800-477-0778 (e-check, credit card, or wire transfer)

Please send all formal appeals, complaints or disputes to

ASI offers various different types of training and consulting. Including our completely FREE, monthly learning lunch webinars.


  • Internal Auditor
  • FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food (PCQI)
  • FREE learning lunch webinars


  • Mock Audits and Pre-Assessments
  • FSMA and Industry Compliance
  • Gap Analysis
  • Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessments and Mitigation Plans
  • HACCP Development and Implementation
  • Food Safety Plan Development and Implementation
  • GFSI – Food Safety Management System Development and Implementation
  • SOP Development and Implementation


The requirements for all cGMP audits can be found on the ASI website ( under the cGMP Third Party Audits tab.

The length of the audit is determined by the size of the facility and how many processing lines there are. Typically all cGMP audits are between 6-8 hours long.

You will receive your audit report and certificate once the invoice has been paid in full.

The cGMP audit certificate is valid for 1 year after the audit date, plus 30 days.


The requirements for changing to a new certification body can be found under Part A, section 5.2 of the SQF Code, edition 8.

If an SQF site is certified under one certification body (CB) and would like to use ASI Food Safety, the site can change CBs after one certification cycle and cannot be under a surveillance audit schedule. The site must have closure of all outstanding non-conformities and the certification cannot be suspended or under threat of suspension or withdrawal. Sites that require a surveillance audit are permitted to change certification bodies only after the surveillance audit is conducted or by written approval from the SQFI senior technical director.

When a supplier changes certification bodies, the certificate of registration issued by the previous certification body remains valid until the expected expiration date. The certification number and re-certification date are transferred with the supplier to ASI Food Safety.

SQF certified sites are granted authorization to use of the SQF logo on any internal and external marketing and communication materials. The SQF logo and Rules of Use can be obtained from

SQF Certified sites that have been audited for quality are granted permission to use of the SQF Quality Shield on any products and marketing materials. The SQF Quality Shield can be obtained from

If you are having issues with the SQFI Database (ReposiTrak), please contact us at You may also contact the SQFI database administration team at If you are having problems registering or re-registering a site(s), please contact the SQFI financial support team at