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ASI wants to stand by our mission of providing innovative, reliable and trusted food safety and quality solutions to help our customers minimize risk, reduce recalls, eliminate foodborne illness, and protect their brand and the health and well-being of their customers. ASI believes education is important in fulfilling this mission, therefore we are giving away a FREE HACCP Online Training.


Pre-Course Activity

Day 1: 

What is HACCP

  • HACCP definition
  • History of HACCP
  • HACCP overview
  • Benefits of HACCP
  • Who is responsible for HACCP
  • HACCP vs Preventative Controls
  • Regulatory Requirements

Day 2: 

Foodborne Illness Overview

Types of Hazards

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Physical

Day 3:

Prerequisites Overview

12 Steps in Developing a HACCP Plan

Day 4:

How to Maintain and Implement a HACCP Plan

  • Management Support and Commitment
  • Staff Training
  • Periodical Modifications and Updates
  • Measuring Effectiveness

Building a HACCP Plan Exercise

Final Exam

Accredited by the International HACCP Alliance

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