Cannabis Safety and Quality

Our goal is to become our clients’ trusted cannabis safety and quality partners and help them reach success by meeting regulatory requirements, minimizing risk, preventing recalls, eliminating foodborne illnesses, and increasing their consumers’ confidence in their products.

ASI is happy to announce our newest division, ASI Cannabis Safety and Quality!

ASI’s Vice President of Operations, Tyler Williams, has been working diligently over the past year with industry stakeholders to develop an audit standard that is beneficial to the cannabis industry and consumers. Currently there are two audit forms, one for the grow operations and the second for the manufacturing operations. Both audits are based on the Internationally Recognized Requirements for Certified Program Owners (CPOs).

When Tyler was asked why he wanted ASI to get involved with the cannabis industry he had this to say…

“Over the years it has become more evident that the cannabis industry was going to be the next big thing. The only problem is that it is not federally recognized, meaning cannabis growers and manufacturers are relying on state regulations. Since the beginning, it has been obvious that these regulations were not sufficient enough to effectively and consistently protect the consumer. I don’t care what your moral views of cannabis are, if consumers are going to use cannabis products, they have a right to be safe.”

One of Tyler’s many responsibilities at ASI is to oversee the entire certification process from start to finish. In this position Tyler has been able to see the pros and cons of several different auditing standards and used this knowledge to bring the best aspects from each into the cannabis industry.

ASI looks forward to being the industry leader in Cannabis Safety and Quality.

Our Values


To provide the best and most accurate information possible.


To honor our word, implied or given, on time.


To protect our clients; brand and image as if it was our own.


To continuously improve to meet our client’s demands.

Customer Service

To devote all of our resources to providing exceptional customer service.

Our Services


ASI currently offers two Cannabis Safety and Quality Audits.

  • Cannabis Safety and Quality for Grow Operations
  • Cannabis Safety and Quality for Manufacturing

Both ASI Cannabis Safety and Quality audits are HACCP based and underline the expected safety and quality criteria for modern cannabis growers and manufacturers. The audit standards are based on the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements, current Good Agricultural Practices (cGAPs) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

The ASI Cannabis Safety and Quality audit will evaluate the compliance of the sites safety system, quality system and documented produces to ensure all risks are mitigated along with being controlled.


ASI offers a variety of consultative solutions to help your company achieve your desired cannabis safety and quality goals. ASI’s cannabis safety and quality consulting professionals are industry experts that can provide your company the knowledge it needs to meet regulatory, industry, and customer requirements.

Here are the current consulting services we offer to our cannabis partners:

  • Mock Audits
  • HACCP Development and Implementation
  • SOP Development and Implementation
  • Facility Design Consulting
  • Custom Local Regulatory Requirement Consulting


ASI offers both online and onsite training solutions to help your company achieve your desired cannabis safety and quality goals. Our experienced trainers can provide your team the knowledge they need to support your cannabis safety and quality system and meet regulatory, industry, and customer requirements.

Here are the current training services we offer to our cannabis partners:

  • HACCP Training (Online or On-site)
  • Internal Auditing (Online)
  • cGMP Training (On-site)
  • Custom Local Regulatory Requirement Training (On-site)
  • Other Custom Training Options


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